How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

I will shed some light on the mystery of wireless speakers. In fact, after reading this post, you will have a much better understanding not only about how wireless speakers work but also about wireless technology in general. If you already have a background in wireless engineering then you don’t have to read this post because I will describe the basics. I will not go into specifics because those differ between different models. However, if you don’t have a background in electronics and are curious about how wireless speakers work than I highly recommend you keep reading the next few sections.

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First of all, wireless speakers can be differentiated between the way they send the audio. Obviously, all wireless speakers involve transmission which uses radiofrequency signals. However, the way they actually sent the audio differs between different models. Analog wireless speakers utilize a technology which is called FM transmission. This technology has been around for decades. Uses a frequency modulation …

How to Properly Connect Audio Power Amplifiers

After purchasing a power amplifier, I suggest that you follow the following suggestions in order to prevent damage. Also, the tips which I’m going to give will optimize sound quality. Don’t worry, the installation is not very difficult and you don’t have to spend money for hiring a contractor.

After receiving the amplifier, open the box and carefully inspect whether the contents of the package matches what it says in the user manual. There might also be a packing list included. Oftentimes manufacturers will forget to include some cables or adapters which are necessary for proper operation of the product. If one of these accessories is missing then immediately contact the retailer. They might have these accessories in stock and might be able to give you one right away.

Sometimes, the manufacturer will protect the enclosure of the amplifier by applying protective coating. Be sure to remove all this coding prior to the installation. Any such coating might block the …

What Type Of Power Amplifier Do You Need For Your Speakers?

Some people have asked me recently what power amplifiers suitable for driving particular types of loudspeakers. I didn’t realize it at the time but it turns out that not all amplifiers are able to drive each type of loudspeaker that is out there. So I did some research and came up with some guidelines for selecting the proper power amplifier. In this article, I will show you these guidelines which hopefully should simplify your life when purchasing an amplifier for your speakers.

The first guideline is pretty simple. First of all, you need to figure out how hard you want to drive your speakers. That means how much wattage do you want to have when driving the speakers? This seems like a simple question indeed. Because if you have an answer for that question then you can select an amplifier that gives the proper wattage. Power amplifiers are typically rated with their output wattage. However, it turns out that answering …