How to Repair a Damaged Loudspeaker

Loudspeakers can break if being abused. In most cases, a loudspeaker will get damaged if you drive too much wattage into it. This can easily happen if you disconnect or connect audio cables audio amplifier while the amplifier is turned on. Reconnecting a cable can easily create loud plops which can blow a speaker diaphragm. Additionally, speakers can easily get damaged if they fall down because you trip over speaker cables and accidentally pulled the speakers off their stand.

Obviously, you should take some precautions against damaging your speakers. When making the speaker cable connections, don’t leave cable dangling around which can become a trip hazard. Also, mount the speaker firmly onto a stand. Ideally, use fasteners that will prevent the speaker from being pulled off the stand.

When connecting a speaker, never turn your amplifier to maximum. Rather, turn the amplifier to a low setting and then gradually increase volume. This will prevent the speakers from blowing because you …