How to Improve Wireless Reception of Audio Transmitter Devices

I have a background in electrical engineering and specialize in wireless devices. Sometimes I have some readers asked me for how to improve the wireless reception of their device. Those devices can be audio transmitters, wireless speakers or baby monitors. The fact is that nowadays there are many wireless devices available which sometimes tend to interfere with one another and thus degrade reception. There are also some other phenomena that can reduce wireless reception. Let me take a look at some of these phenomena and explain how you can improve the operation of your wireless devices.

Proper operation of wireless devices requires planning. First of all, when purchasing your products, it is always a good idea to inspect what frequency each devices transmitting at. If you do have several devices, for example, that are sending the signal at 2.4 GHz which is the most commonly used unlicensed frequency band in the United States, then you might want to think about purchasing equipment that avoids these frequency band and instead uses alternate been such as the 5.8 GHz frequency band.

Having multiple devices transmit at different frequency bands will avoid interference. Second, if you do have several devices transmitting at the same frequency band, make sure that each devices set to different channel. There is no point in having multiple routers for example set to the same frequency channel which is often the case if you don’t change the setting which the manufacturer programs into the device.

It only takes about five minutes to log into your router and change the frequency channel. Keep a notebook that shows the frequency of every vice in your household. Also, you might have a neighbor who has wireless devices. You can use your router oftentimes to scan for other signals. If you don’t have this function enabled on your router, you can also perform is scan by using a wireless LAN card and a computer. If you do discover some strong signals coming from nearby then you might want to avoid those.

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Next, in order to improve wireless reception, pay close attention to the location of every vice that you place. Ideally, the transmitting and receiving device should be as close together as possible and within line of sight. Line of sight instead there are no walls or other obstacles which can block the signal from passing through. Any wall obstacles will weaken the wireless signal and make reception less robust.

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